12 week Vitality and Vibrance Program


Let’s be real. We all have things we would like to improve about ourselves. Some big, some small. Some thing. And I’m gonna bet that if you are honest with yourself for two minutes, one of the things that you want to improve is how you look and feel.

You want to be able to go to the store and find clothes that you LOVE and look good on you. Not clothes that just fit and cover you up. Or maybe you avoid the store all together.

You want to be able to go out with friends and not worry about being “the biggest one there”.

You want to feel good about being naked and not hiding in the dark or scurrying to the bathroom.

You want to feel energetic and are tired of feeling run down all the time.

You want to enjoy eating, understand what it means to be healthy and live a life that makes you happy.

You want to feel confident.

You want support and guidance and to be part of a tribe that celebrates you.

You want SIMPLE.

I get it. And I want to help you get it too.

On January 23rd, 2017 I will be launching my 12 week Vitality and Vibrance Nutrition Wellness Program. It is an online group program where we will meet (online) on a weekly basis and I will deliver lessons on a variety of topics (protein, carbs, fats, sugar, hormones, sleep, supplements, meal planning, macro cycling, etc.). There will be a private FB group for ongoing support, daily updates and additional resources. It’s everything you need to be successful.

Until January 18th at 9pm, you can join the 12 week Vitality and Vibrance Program for only $299 (after that date, the program will be $349). So don’t wait. Secure your spot now!

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Stop feeling stuck. You don’t have to continue feeling like things will never change. You have the power and strength to make changes. To improve. To be different. To look different. To feel different. To LOVE everything about you and who you are becoming.

BONUS: Everyone who joins the program will receive a free copy of my 48 hour green smoothie challenge! But only those who register before 9pm, January 15th will be able to take advantage of the low price!

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One last thing: Entry to the program will close on Friday January 20th at 9pm. After that, you’ll have to wait until the Fall to join the next 12 week program! Don’t delay!

What have you got to say? Leave it below!

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