Nutrition for Weight-loss / Body Composition

You can lose weight or change the way your body looks while eating foods that are good & good for you! I’m Eat to Perform certified to help you reach ideal body composition. Let’s partner together to develop a macro-based program to help you shed that excess weight.


1-0n-1 Nutritional Counselling

Tailored to your specific needs, we develop a path to better health.


Children’s Nutrition

Ensuring your children are adequately nourished can be a daunting task! Whether it’s picky eaters or confusion with the vast amount of info that’s available, I can help you plan and prepare food that your kids love.


Sports Team / Seminars

Working with a broad range of athletes, sport specific pre and post game nutrient intake, recovery, and eating for performance are the main focus of seminars.


Classroom or Workplace Learning Sessions

Give your students more in-depth info on nutrition or provide employees with a lunch & learn session to improve their health and well-being. I deliver targeted presentations that are informative, engaging & fun!